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The Candle Lab

A unique artisan candle and craft store and a fun candle making experiment!

Come in, choose a unique bottle/vessel, join us in our Research department where you will smell your way through all 30 of our house fragrances while keeping a record of the one's that you like. We will then custom blend a one of a kind fragrance for you and then the candle making process, in the Lab begins!


Take a look at our calendar and book a workshop or check for our open pour hours and come at your convenience. Pick your vessel/bottle, select your favorite fragrances in our

Research room and we will blend a custom scent for you .

Then to the Lab

to create your candle!

Looking for the perfect gift?

Come in and choose a candle from our selection of already made candles or pick a bottle and gift it with a free pour card.  A free pour card allows the recipient to come in and make a candle in the vessel that you gifted them.



Wineries, Spas, Breweries, Retail Stores and Casinos. Call for detailed information



Team Building, Birthday, Bridal Party, Baby Shower, Engagement Party, Fundraiser

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